The Men In Orange pick up their 2nd away win in league play

The Men In Orange pick up their 2nd away win in league play
Image Credit: HDFC

Written by: David Garcia

The Houston Dynamo shutout and defeated Real Salt Lake 3-0 in Sandy, Utah. Corey Baird kept up his great form and Coco Carrasquilla and Daniel Steres scored their second goal of the season.

The Dynamo picked up where they left off, early on, Baird in the second minute and Hector Herrera in the 8th minute were able to get some shots off. A minute later, Baird was able to get away from Marcelo Smith and Brad Smith’s low cross found him in the far post. His first time shot beat Gavin Beavers and gave the Dynamo the early lead. After the goal, both teams were able to start executing their gameplans but there was physicality. Players from both teams were leveled to the ground but referee Alex Chilowicz would not show a card for either side.

In the 29th minute, Daniel Steres would be in the RSL half and after being left alone, Herrera would give him a perfect pass and Steres’ header would go over Beavers and into the net for Houston’s second goal of the match. RSL would respond by earning some corners and upping their game but nothing to really danger the Dynamo. In his first MLS start, Sebastian Kowalczyk would nearly have his first assist after some great passing by the team and his final pass to Herrera, but his shot went over the bar in the 44th minute. After one minute of stoppage time, Chilowicz would blow for the end of the First Half.

During the break, Artur would come on for HH. Rain would also start pouring during the break. RSL were beginning to gain momentum and were set to make some changes but in the 60th minute, the match was set to stop due to weather. After a 44 minute delay, the match would resume. RSL would make three subs and Coco would come in for Ivan Franco. RSL would maintain possession after the delay so in the 70th minute, Franco Escobar and Griffin Dorsey would come in for Smith and Baird. In the 75th minute, Artur would win the ball back in the final third. He would pass it to Coco and after Ibrahim Aliyu gave it back to Coco, his low but powerful shot would give the Dynamo the third of the match. Kowalczyk’s night would end in the 82nd minute when Amine Bassi entered. 5 minutes were added for stoppage time and in the 97th minute the match was called.

The Men In Orange will now return home to face Columbus Crew on August 30 before heading to Carson to take on Los Angeles Galaxy on September 2.