Written by David Garcia

The Houston Dynamo fought for 90 mins and tied 0-0 to the LA Galaxy. The Dynamo have now earned their 12th clean sheet of the season.

The first 15 minutes of the match involved both teams attempting to figure each other out. The Galaxy would earn corners and send dangerous crosses but the defense remained solid. Hector Herrera would strike outside the box but his shot barely went wide in the 32nd minute. Daniel Steres would be booked in the 38th minute and Corey Baird would have his shot saved in the 43rd. After a singular minute of stoppage time, Armando Villarreal blew for the half.

The Galaxy did not come out of the locker room and Amine Bassi would get a shot but his chip was saved in the 50th minute. Luis Caicedo would be issued a Yellow Card in the 55th minute. In the 64th minute the Dynamo would make two changes. Coco Carrasquilla came on for Sebastian Kowalczyk and Ibrahim Aliyu came in for Baird. A minute later, Nelson Quiñones would be shown Yellow. Shortly after, Micael would stay down for a while but after making it back on his feet, Brad Smith would replace him. In the 75th minute, Andrew Tarbell would make a double save, first off Daniel Aguirre’s shot and then would save Michael Barrios' shot. A minute later, HH would shoot from long range and force a one hand save by Jonathan Bond. Houston had its best chance in the 79th minute when Coco squared it to Aliyu but he missed an open net to give the Dynamo the lead. 7 minutes of stoppage time were added and Artur would be booked near the end but Villarreal ended the match tied.

The men in Orange will now have a break due to international play before hosting St. Louis on September 16.

Time for another break! Houston Dynamo FC earn a point in LA